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11th August 2021

How Does Device As A Service Work?

Holly Skinner

Device as a Service may seem confusing at first, but it’s actually a really simple, more affordable, and convenient way to source your IT hardware.

More and more products are working on subscription models as our requirements change. Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix, Office Software. Increasingly, we utilise subscriptions rather than buying a product or service outright.

Subscriptions make sense for any product or service you will need to use regularly.

These days, even tech hardware works better on a subscription model. The reason is that advances in tech devices happen so quickly that older devices can become obsolete sooner than expected.

A subscription lease model bypasses those problems by leasing the hardware on a monthly payment plan.

DaaS works even better than standard leasing with its options to upgrade, or swap devices as the need arises, making it incredibly flexible and reactionary to the current business climate. This way businesses only pay for what they use, they gain the best performing and most relevant devices and have better cashflow for other investments.

On top of improved cashflow and integrated upgrades, Hardsoft’s D4T DaaS solution provides:

  • A comprehensive support wrapper.

  • Access to the latest Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, and HP devices.

  • Easy returns and swaps with no penalties.


Getting Started With DaaS

If your business is looking to simplify its tech hardware supply chain, then a Device as a Service could be perfect for you. It is ideal for medium-sized enterprises and allows you to easily scale the number of devices with your growing organisation. Whether you need to flex up or down with the number of devices, a DaaS solution can match to fit.

What’s unique about a D4T solution from Hardsoft is the extensive support, ability to exchange devices, and the initial assessment.

Even when purchasing new devices in the traditional buying method, it can be tricky to know what your team will require, and which hardware models will be most suited to the job. DaaS is more flexible since you can upgrade and swap hardware. To make it even easier, Hardsoft does an initial assessment of your business. Through this, we identify current needs, long term objectives, and logical paths to scale up the business. Having analysed this, we can suggest which devices will be most suited to the job and which will work best for the various roles on your team.

It is very straightforward to get started on your DaaS subscription:

Step 1) Is to let us know what you need. 20 devices are the minimum for our DaaS service, however, you can go as high as you like with the amount of hardware. Let us know if you want Apple DaaS, Microsoft, HP or Lenovo devices.

Step 2) Initial Assessment. This is where we chat with you and advise you on which devices will work best for your current business model. You will be given a quote to consider.

Step 3) Place your order. Choose a delivery date or enjoy the next day delivery.

Step 4) Choose installation dates or go no touch. Our certified engineers can help set up your office. However, did you know that you can also use services like Apple Business Manager or Microsoft Autopilot to have completely configured devices with no physical contact? Setup can be done completely remotely with a compatible MDM. Hardsoft can also help you set up these systems.

Step 5) Have your staff get to work on their new state-of-the-art machines and never worry about obsoletion. Upgrade, swap or return whenever you need. It’s that simple.

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