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27th May 2022

How HardSoft Can Make Net Zero And Green Computing Cheaper

Carissa Parnell

HardSoft is not only involved with the creation of effective computer hardware leases, but we are also concerned with aiding businesses to adopt green computing.

Through lease structures like Devices For Greener Teams, we can empower businesses to:

  • Access high tech computer equipment
  • Spread their costs and improve their cashflow
  • Receive ongoing support
  • Work towards net zero and a less environmentally impactful system for IT

However, adopting green computing and moving towards net zero isn’t always easy for businesses. Apart from the extra operational and logistical challenges of adopting greenerdevices for greener teams processes, there is the added financial cost.

Most businesses and people would like to be greener, but it’s cost and difficulty that gets in the way.

HardSoft has been busy designing computer equipment leases that can be both greener and cheaper.

What Is Green Computing?

Green computing encompasses environmental responsibility when it comes to the manufacture, use and disposal of computer equipment. It espouses the eco-friendly use of computers.

Green computing covers design, manufacturing, use, and disposal and looks at the whole device life cycle.

Is Green computing different to sustainable computing?

Subtly, yes. Sustainable computing focuses on the creation of devices and whether the resources used are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Both the concepts of green computing and sustainable computing overlap, though the latter is more concerned with production, and it also looks beyond environmental resources to all resources. The humanitarian aspect and practical market sustainability are factors in addition to the environment itself.

Are Green computing and sustainable computing different to circular IT?

While green computing, sustainable computing and circular IT are often used interchangeably, circular IT specifically refers to reusing, and repurposing materials from devices.

Much of the materials and tech that go into computers and their components have a high environmental cost for their production, especially the creation of CO2 in the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming.

Every time new equipment must be made, the environment suffers. Yet computer equipment is essential to modern business and most modern leisure activities as well.

Not only does manufacturing computer components release CO2, but when the parts go to landfills, they do not break down quickly, and when they do, they often release toxins into the soil. E-waste is a significant issue. 50 million tons of e-waste are produced every year.

The production of a new laptop, its logistics and use can produce between 200-500 kgs of CO2 depending on the manufacturer and model.

Circular IT is concerned with repairing, reusing and repurposing components of older devices into new ones to fight e-waste and its negative consequences.

What Is Net Zero?devices in offer in green bubbles

Net zero is the process of eliminating and negating emissions produced by human activity. In green computing, net zero can be achieved with a combination of better manufacturing processes that produce less CO2, plus negating CO2 by investing in emission combatting projects like reforesting the planet, so the CO2 is reabsorbed.

As we can see, the goal of net zero is intrinsically linked to green computing.

Why Should Net Zero Be A Priority For Businesses?

If appealing to your target audience, ethics, and saving the planet wasn’t enough of a motivation, legislation soon will be.

Even highly ethical companies faced the issue of the extra financial challenge of being green in the past.

The cost was often a reason that businesses would shy away from net zero and green computing, to find easier ways to tick the green business box.

However, that excuse will soon evaporate as the UK government has set 2050 as the target for net zero.

Businesses could face fines in the future for not meeting their targets. This leaves many companies in a stressful position as the cost of business is, therefore, unavoidably increasing.

How Is Hardsoft Making Greener Computing Cheaper?

Hardsoft has worked hard to find methods to make green computing highly effective, yet more affordable.

Businesses need systems that really work so that they can measurably prove they are working towards net zero, while costing them less.

Hardsoft has one of the most affordable green computing systems on the market.ISO 14024 logo in green

Devices For Greener Teams uses a multi-pronged approach:

  • Greener devices – Hardsoft can identify and recommend the greenest devices, which use the least energy, and created the least CO2 in their production. We then provide great packages and lease offers on those devices e.g., MacBook Pros, ThinkPad L14 Laptops, and Fairphone 4 Smartphones
  • Elite emissions measuring – Hardsoft has delved deep into research on the certification and measuring of green devices and their emissions. We’ve looked at multiple eco-labels and the organisations behind them to discover the greenest devices. Instead of looking at one ecolabel, we look at 3: EPEAT, TCO and Energy Star. The first two are ISO 14024 and Type 1 ecolabels. These systems award a third-party license authorising the use of environmental labels on products based on multiple criteria.

By cross-referencing multiple reputable eco-labels and having analysed their criteria, Hardsoft has one of the most rigorous systems for identifying the emissions of devices and which are truly greenest.

  • Upgrade to greener machines – Manufacturers are constantly working to create greener machines and manufacturing processes. When these greener machines become available you can upgrade or swap to these devices with Devices For Greener Teams before the end of your lease.
  • Boomerang devices – Hardsoft and Devices For Greener Teams have developed the Boomerang system to repair, reuse and repurpose old machines and components. We can collect any old, idle devices you have lying around and give them new life to avoid the landfill.gren boomerang and lifecycle management
  • Greener processes – From logistics to recycling, to preloved machines, Hardsoft has layer upon layer of greener methodologies to ensure each aspect of your IT is greener and working towards net zero.
  • Offsetting – Hardsoft can help you offset your carbon emissions for only an additional 3%, making it one of the most affordable optional carbon offsetting programmes available.

With this combination of approaches, Hardsoft’s Devices For Greener Teams is both affordable and a significant move towards your net zero goal.

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