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19th March 2023

Solving IT Problems in Today’s HR Environment

Ryan Kelly

There are many challenges that can arise when working in HR Management. With Devices for Teams, we want to help HR managers to overcome these challenges with our simple and effective solutions.

Below, we will outline and discuss the many solutions that HardSoft can offer for HR Managers through our Devices for Teams scheme.

The ability to swap devices for different equipment mid-lease will be invaluable to HR managers, who continually oversee hires, redundancies, shifting job descriptions and staff onboarding.

However, sourcing hardware and shifting job roles are minor tasks compared to some of the mounting challenges that modern HR departments face.

The Devices for Teams solution contains a multitude of services that can make life much easier for HR managers.

But before we dig into these various problem-solving features, we should first look at the difficulties that the current socio-economic climate presents to HR.

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What kind of challenges do HR departments face?

Some of the biggest issues confronting HR include:

  • Attracting talent in a competitive market
  • Retaining skilled staff in a turbulent economy
  • Motivating workers while reducing costs
  • Downsizing redundant areas of business
  • The widening skills gap.

While many of these issues have always been central to the HR role, HR managers are currently under increasing pressure due to the current state of the economy. Inflation remains at a 40-year high, and the Consumer Price Index was at 11.1% in October 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics. Despite wages rising at their fastest rate in 30 years, they are still unable to keep up with soaring living costs.

The main issue that this presents is that prospective candidates and current staff will naturally desire an increased salary to ease the sting of their spiralling bills, yet many businesses will be reluctant to do so, as they are also feeling the tension of rising costs and therefore have less to spend on staff salaries.

Therefore, many companies’ HR managers have been tasked with making extensive redundancies.

Of course, talented staff are still crucial in key areas of business for driving profit; and the more demand that there is for skilled workers, the more those workers will be expecting to earn.

The skills gap also doesn’t help with this issue. With the right candidates in short supply, those few who do possess the required abilities can afford to be more selective about their choice of employer.

The big answer to both attracting and retaining top talent in this difficult climate is to offer a better lifestyle rather than a salary rise.

The pandemic may now be behind us, but it has most certainly left a cultural mark on the expectations of employees.

Working from home, or hybrid working systems, provide a much better work/life balance for employees – and for many workers, this can be just as desirable (if not even more so) than a higher salary.

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How can Devices for Teams provide a solution to HR challenges?

While work from home/hybrid working structures are an excellent solution to many of the issues faced by HR departments, they also pose several new challenges that need to be addressed, such as cybersecurity, what to do when staff leave, and how to manage a company’s hardware portfolio.

This is especially true for companies with small or no in-house IT departments.

Luckily, HR departments can offer their businesses simple and effective systems for these issues thanks to Devices for Teams.

Devices For Teams can be the answer to:

  • Attracting staff with WFH options.
  • Offering WFH options to current staff.
  • Supplying the best hardware to staff.
  • Deploying hardware to various locations.
  • Ensuring WFH is secure for the business.


This can be done through the utilisation of the many features of Devices for Teams, such as Safeguard, Cybersecurity, Boomerang and Support. These features can help your business in the following ways:

  • Safeguard – offers multi-layered cover for a variety of unforeseen scenarios, including both theft and accidents. You have access to our expert repair teams, plus loaner devices while your equipment is being fixed, or replacement devices in the case of theft.
  • Cybersecurity – Devices for Teams can provide additional cybersecurity software that is relevant to your device-type, including Sophos, Avast, Barracuda and more. To combat the human-error element of WFH, Devices for Teams can include MDM (Mobile Device Management) setup and ongoing assistance. With an MDM system such as Intune, businesses can control how remote workers use their company devices.
  • Boomerang – retrieves hardware from ex staff. We at HardSoft will arrange the collection of the devices from the employee’s home, and after retrieval, we can repurpose hardware for new staff by data wiping, repairing, and reconfiguring it to their needs.
  • Support – One of the best aspects of D4T is the support. In addition to device supply, you receive tech support, strategic support, expert advice, cybersecurity support, MDM management.

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So, after reading this article, hopefully it is now evident just how many ways that HardSoft’s Devices for Team’s service is able to help with the many issues faced by modern HR managers. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts if you have any further questions!

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