26th November 2022

Understanding Managed IT Services

Ryan Kelly

Managed IT services can be highly beneficial to businesses. It can:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Increase productivity
  • Prevent a number of issues increase employee downtime

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are when a business outsources its IT support needs to an external third-party provider.

This is incredibly useful to businesses that:

  • Do not have their own dedicated IT department
  • Have a small IT departmentsmall business using IT support
  • Require specialised IT support in a particular area, beyond the functions of their own IT department, for example, it may be that an industry requires additional cyber security support or extra support with particular types of devices e.g., Apple specialists, etc.

What Is Fully Managed IT Support?

Not all managed IT services are comprehensive. There is definitely a range of IT support packages on the market that cover different services and levels of support. That doesn’t mean that partial support isn’t useful. Your business may already have an IT department but want a certain level of external support for certain problems to improve productivity.

If you only have one IT tech at your business, you may need partially externally managed IT services to cover for when they are away on holiday or sick leave or busy with profit-driven tasks as opposed to tech support when something goes wrong. Fully managed IT support covers everything from helping you install hardware, to day-to-day management, tech issues and the entire life cycle of the device.

Where Can Businesses Find Managed IT Services And Options For Fully Managed IT Support?

IT services can cover many different tasks and features and can therefore come from many different sources:

  • Sourcing IT equipment
  • Installing hardware
  • Deploying hardware
  • Managing hardware
  • Developing software
  • Training staff in IT
  • Developing infrastructure
  • Digital marketing
  • Technical support
  • Device strategy and troubleshooting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Upgrading computer equipment
  • Recycling hardware
  • PC IT support
  • Mac IT supportMan on iMac 25 yellow

You can have agencies that specialise in one of these areas, multiple or all of them. It is quite common to have specialist cybersecurity firms, or niche software development firms, or infrastructure firms. It is also not unusual to find all these services in full IT support packages from some third-party providers.

While there are many agencies out there, one type of company that can provide most of these services and more is computer equipment lease providers.

Not all leasing solutions are created equal, but Hardsoft has created one of the market’s most comprehensive computer leasing services complete with fully managed IT support.

Devices for Teams by Hardsoft’s Managed IT Services

What makes Devices for Teams by Hardsoft’s offering special is our range of leasing solutions available. Each provides a method of sourcing state-of-the-art IT equipment for your business while spreading the costs into manageable monthly amounts.

Alongside receiving exceptional hardware, Devices for Teams by Hardsoft provides a full IT support wrapper with each lease.

Devices For Teams (the most customisable DaaS style lease) will give you extensive IT support.

Devices for Teams can assist with:

  • Helping you select the right IT devices for your business
  • Trialling those devices
  • Configuring equipment to each employee’s needs
  • Deploying hardware to staff even at their homes
  • Installing hardware in your offices
  • Adding your hardware to MDMs and showing your business how to monitor and control how all businesses devices are utilised inside and outside of the office
  • Technical support
  • Cyber securitydevices for greener teams
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Upgrades
  • Device strategy
  • Recycling and making your IT greener
  • Specialist PC and Mac IT support
  • A choice of the level of IT support
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