Support, Reliability and Security

Support, Reliability and Security

We excel in offering a comprehensive service that you can rely on

You don’t get to 40 years in the business without learning a few lessons in customer support and data security.

Our technical experts, account managers and customer care team have always delivered a high standard of service to all of our customers.

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Knowledgeable and trusted by many

We believe strongly in accountability and offering a reliable support solution that your business can depend on.

Phones For Teams is a trusted all-in-one business mobile leasing solution that is accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Good Business Charter, and is ISO 27001 certified.

We are also part of the Apple Consultants Network and our reviews on Trustpilot far exceed other top phone networks.

With decades of experience as registered partners of top manufacturers and a wide range of clients in various industries, we have the expertise to design efficient leasing solutions for businesses.

Support you can rely on

You’ll receive a personalised and attentive service throughout your lease.

With Phones for Teams support, you aren’t just another number in the system, we really care about keeping your business up and running.

Our clients receive efficient, UK-based support and when you contact the team, you speak with experts in phone and SIM issues. You are never left stuck on hold, put through to external call centres or forced to explain your issue over and over to someone reading a script.

Your dedicated account manager is there to ensure that your lease and your support solution is always aligning with your unique business operations and interests.

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When you get knocked down, we get you back up again

Extended warranties included as standard

With Phones For Teams, you are covered by warranty for the full duration of your lease.

You’re guaranteed a loaner device while your phone is repaired, so your business won’t be caught short.

Benefit from repairs, replacements and full support for devices, SIMs, bills, and contracts all under one roof. There’s no jumping through hoops, booking appointments or messing with postage. We collect all devices from you directly.

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Who doesn’t drop their phone?

Protect your business from devices being damaged or stolen with SafeGuard

Accidents happen, especially with Smartphones. That’s why we recommend adding SafeGuard Cover.

At just a few £££s a week with a low excess fee, it’s an ideal safety net for your devices.

SafeGuard covers you against theft, fire, flood, and accidental damage. If an employee drops their phone down the toilet, or quits and refuses to return a device, you are covered for a repair or replacement.

We will collect your damaged device and ensure there are no interruptions to your business with a loan phone in the meantime. We’ll redeliver it once it’s repaired, simple!

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What you get from Devices for Teams

Smartphone specialists

If you need support with your business mobiles, you will be connected to our mobile and SIM experts for the most relevant repairs and advice. With years of experience dealing with issues, you can be confident in our abilities.

Ticket-based helpdesk

With one point of contact, you can easily monitor your support case. No need to keep explaining the situation to multiple call-centre employees. With a guaranteed SLA of 1 hour, there’s no need to panic.

Our smartphone partners

We are authorised resellers and partners of Apple, Samsung, Google and Fairphone. Our technicians are trained by manufacturers for any scenario. If you need a custom solution for your business mobiles, we can connect you to brand engineers.

Boost your security

Relying on personal mobiles for work communications increases risk of a security breach and leads to a potential reduction in work quality. By supplying your employees with business smartphones, you can have greater control over device usage and enhance productivity.

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