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9th November 2022

4 Major Benefits of IT Support Packages

Stan Milanovich

Businesses can access a massive range of benefits with IT support packages. By outsourcing your IT needs, companies of any size or industry can gain expert help, which can save you significant time and even profits in the long run.

Fewer and fewer businesses are requiring their own fully dedicated IT departments these days because there are such a plethora of choices with third-party IT support packages available on the market. This is particularly advantageous to smaller and medium-sized enterprises that need to be more scrupulous with their budget.

While there are countless benefits to IT support packages, the four most significant are:

  1. Faster and More Effective Solutions
  2. Reduced Burdens On Your CompanyMan on iMac 25 yellow
  3. Downtime Decreases, Productivity Increases
  4. No Need For An IT Department

Let’s explore how the benefits of IT support can yield the above outcomes for your business and why they are so useful.

Faster and More Effective Solutions – Particularly if your business opts for fully managed IT support, it can deliver faster and more effective solutions. By having a specialist IT support team on standby to deliver round-the-clock troubleshooting and tech support, your workers will have faster solutions to any and all IT problems. Outsourcing to highly qualified experts results in sophisticated troubleshooting for niche industry needs. Fully managed IT support can offer better cyber security, and unique solutions in sectors like FinTech and engineering, which have specialist requirements for their hardware and software. Computer lease providers like Devices for Teams by Hardsoft can bring the best IT support for all devices. That includes both Apple Mac support and PC IT support. We have experts in both technologies and our specialists are members of the Apple Consultancy network, giving them access to troubleshooting and brainstorming with Apple IT support employees and representatives of the brand. All our specialists are highly trained and certified in Apple Mac support and PC support.

Reduced Burdens On Your Company – When opting for fully managed IT support, businesses not only receive specific hardware help, such as Mac IT support, but they can also have day-to-day management support and full lifecycle support. For your business, this means assistance in elements like:

  • Deployment
  • InstallationSupport with our support plans
  • Adding to MDMs (Mobile Device Management), which can allow directors to control how devices are used, how company data is utilised in and outside of the office, and even wipe devices that are lost or stolen
  • Upgrades, repurposing devices, and recycling old hardware in a green methodology to reduce your carbon footprint and e-waste

Normally, all the management and disposal of hardware would be your company’s responsibility if you bought your devices outright. While many fully managed IT support packages can help with MDMs, only a select few will aid with the full device life cycle including recycling. Devices for Teams by Hardsoft is one of the companies that offer a complete spectrum of services covering computer leasing, fully managed IT packages, and complete device lifecycle care, including green computing.

Outsourcing your IT services removes many of the burdens and tasks from your business. This lets you concentrate on profit-driven ventures and making your business a success.

Downtime Decreases, Productivity Increases – Within the best IT support packages, businesses can receive:

  • Round-the-clock tech support
  • Strategic device support
  • Auto device deployment to all staff
  • Pre-configuration of devices – so all the apps and accounts are perfect for each individual employee, and everything is set up ready to go out-of-the-boxfintech workers in office

Thanks to all this, staff face far less downtime waiting for devices to be fixed or setting them up. This is a big boon to productivity for your company.

No Need For An IT Department – Small businesses and even large ones need not hire a whole department or even a single employee that they do not require, who could be idle a lot of the time. By outsourcing with IT support packages, you can avoid this expenditure or have your IT department focus on developing profit-driven products and ideas.

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