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21st February 2022

Is Microsoft Surface Suitable For FinTechs?

Carissa Parnell

Microsoft Surface devices are one of the best hardware options for the FinTech industry, owing to the level of diversity on offer.

The FinTech industry is far from a monolith. It is actually an incredibly broad sector that includes wildly different company structures.

fintech illustration coming out of an iPad FinTech can be everything from actual major banks like NatWest and Lloyds, to tiny innovative startups creating the next big online payment portal, which rapidly grow into the next billion-pound unicorn company like PayPal. They cover traditional companies serving everyday end-users to niche businesses for investors and bitcoin, so FinTechs can be hard to quantify.

Of course, what unites these companies is the highly sophisticated tech involved to manage finances online safely. This is why power, versatility, and cybersecurity are the paramount concerns when it comes to computer equipment for any style of FinTech operation.

Due to the huge variation between FinTechs, it can be challenging to assign any one type of device to the industry. However, Microsoft Surface is an ideal overall match for the sector, thanks to a wide array of models available.

The Microsoft Surface Family

There are a number of devices from various manufacturers that would be at home in a FinTech business. Power and security are the primary attributes most needed by FinTech firms and that can be found in many pieces of computer equipment from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo etc. Each will have a top-of-the-line business device with the capabilities necessary for a FinTech. Yet, Microsoft Surface has several important reasons for being especially popular among FinTechs.

Firstly, there’s the history. Microsoft and the finance sector have an association. Historically, finance companies leaned towards Microsoft because of a stronger association with Apple and the creative sector. These distinctions have since begun to blur. As stated above, FinTech has branched out to include many different types of business and technology. While this shift is significant, there is still that well-earned level of trust between the Microsoft brand and FinTech.

Secondly, is Microsoft’s specific efforts to create Surface devices applicable to FinTechs. From their history with the finance sector, Microsoft understands the requirements of the industry, in particular the cybersecurity factor.

Thirdly, is the size of the Microsoft Surface family. There really is something for every industry here, including FinTech. Not simply at the industry level but drilling down to the various roles and power requirements in a FinTech company. It is easy for your business to outfit all staff with complementary devices by looking at the whole Microsoft Surface range.

What Can The Microsoft Surface Range Deliver?

surface laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4

A robust and high performing laptop available in different specs covering i5 or i7 cores or the AMD core and different size screens. Truly flexible application with its touchscreen. With the choice of specs, it is very easy to match the different requirements of a FinTech team from the software developers to the marketing and admin teams.

Surface Laptop Studio

The most powerful Surface device to date. This laptop is really being pushed by Microsoft as a business elite device with the strength for coding, design, processing, handling hungry software and doing all this in a multitasking capacity. While this device could be at home in highly creative design fields as well, FinTechs will be very interested in its ability to handle complex data.

Surface Pro 8

The 2-in-1 devices are definitely not just for graphic designers anymore. The Pro Surface range gives FinTech staff new ways to work with laptop mode, kickstand mode and tablet mode. They can also be used with dual screens for complex work and presentations.  

Surface Pro X

Thin, light, powerful yet very flexible and portable + a removable hard drive enabling FinTech staff to embrace hybrid and remote working for that portable office experience.

Surface Laptop Go

An extremely lightweight and affordable Surface laptop. Valuable for added portability.

Surface Go 3

A super flexible, ultra-light laptop/tablet experience.

surface studio product Surface Studio 2

The desktop Surface device. The rest of the Microsoft Surface range champions portability and the balance between power, speed, and flexible working. The Surface Studio is quite simply raw power. This will be invaluable for building and coding new FinTech software while analysing reams of complicated data and crafting ironclad security for financial data.

Surface Hub 2S

A perfect in-office system for collaborative working, meeting, presenting and brainstorming.

Surface Duo 2

Bridging the gap in functionality between smartphones and larger devices like tablets and laptops, the Surface Duo 2 has dual screens which make multitasking possible on a smartphone. This highly enhances the productivity of FinTech workers, making them more interconnected while on the go and from wherever they are working.

Devices for Teams for FinTech

All of the Microsoft Surface devices can have excellent applications in a FinTech setting, but the Surface Laptop Studio, the Surface Laptop 4, Surface Studio 2 and Pro 8 and Pro X will be some of the top contenders due to the power requirements of some FinTech software.

With Devices For Teams, FinTech companies can:

  • Lease the latest Microsoft Surface devices
  • Receive advice on which specific device, model and specs will be ideal for each department
  • Have all devices configured to each user’s needs
  • Full zero-touch deployment
  • Implement advanced cybersecurity, company management and control tools across all devices
  • Receive extensive ongoing strategic, security and tech support for all devices
  • Swap, or return devices as needed, scaling up or down with business development

Microsoft Surface And Cybersecurity

cybersecurity logo with lock for fintech Microsoft has been working hard to tackle the ever-growing threat of cybercrime. As technology swiftly advances, many holes are often left open for criminals to slip through and exploit. During the pandemic, this was exacerbated by increased and sudden home working. FinTech is especially under threat due to the sensitive financial data involved. Microsoft has been shoring-up their security with powerful in-built protections. They even boast up to 20% fewer security breaches for Surface users. Better encrypting technology, more secure firmware and reduced reliance on passwords have made the devices more secure.

However, FinTech needs more.

More Cybersecurity With HardSoft’s DaaS Support Solutions

Not only is HardSoft’s DaaS solution, Devices For Teams, the best method for deploying Microsoft Surface devices to FinTechs, but it can also increase cybersecurity.

Devices For Teams is all about support and service. With our Premium DaaS package, Platinum Support Plan, and additional security processes, we can create an ultra-secure system that is perfect for FinTechs.

Hardsoft is partnered with Sophos, Jamf Protect and Symantec DLP to provide advanced security software to safeguard sensitive data across networks, devices, and the cloud.

Our Solutions Engineers can also troubleshoot tailored security needs to find the best solutions for unique security requirements in cutting edge FinTechs.

With these extra layers of security, FinTechs can use Surface devices with confidence.

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