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14th October 2022

6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mac

Stan Milanovich

Macs are incredibly durable. This is one of their main claims to fame. One of the central reasons that Macs are so successful as business laptops and so generally popular is because they last. They tend to last much longer and in better condition than many of their competitors.

This is because they are made from such high-quality materials that their structure is durable to damage and wear and tear.

Apple continues to update software for older models, so they can keep going for ages.

However, they do not last forever, no technology does, not yet anyway.

So, how can you tell if you need to replace your MacBook or just a little Mac IT support for a minor hiccup in its functionality?

It can be tricky to discern. For starters, Macs don’t have a set expiration date. Just as with other computers, it depends on how heavily you use them. Business laptops are built to last and withstand heavy use, but naturally lighter admin jobs will be less demanding than programming and design etc.MacBook Pro 13

Let’s look at the top 6 signs that it’s time to replace your Mac.

Replace Your MacBook Or Use Mac IT Support: The 6 Signs Checklist

Number 1) Apple’s Own Standard Of Age: Apple actually has a gauge that can help you work out if a new Mac laptop is in order. If your Mac model was discontinued over seven years ago, then it is considered obsolete by the brand itself, and they are probably not supporting its updates anymore. However, if it has not been sold for over 5 years but less than seven, then it is merely vintage. Now, for an end user, there is nothing wrong with using a vintage model. However, in business, you need to stay ahead in terms of technology to produce your best work. If there are no specific issues with your business laptop, then Mac IT support cannot help but if it becomes obsolete the only way forward is to invest in new hardware.

Number 2) You Cannot Run The Latest macOS: You can still use your Mac with an older version of macOS, but this is a big sign that it is moving towards obsoletion, and its days are numbered. While Mac keeps older versions updated for a decent while, there comes a point where this will cease. Not being able to run the latest macOS is the beginning of the end. You will have to start shopping for a new MacBook soon. Again, this is not a question of Mac IT support fixing the problem. Even expert Apple engineers cannot force your device to accept the latest version of macOS.

Number 3) Lack Of Free Space: Newer software, data and updates take up more space and are more sophisticated. If your Mac cannot handle the weighty amounts and low battery on MacBookconstantly lacks enough free space, then it might be time to move on. It is notoriously difficult to add more storage to a Mac beyond what it came with. Yet, you should definitely consult your Mac IT support providers before making any big decisions. Apple engineering experts are adept at troubleshooting and investigating issues like these and repurposing and repairing Macs to increase their longevity and decrease e-waste.

Number 4) Your Battery Won’t Hold Charge For Long: This is a common problem with laptops and other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets as they age. In fact, it is usually one of the first things you will notice. Before exasperatedly looking into a new MacBook, consult your Mac IT support providers because they might well be able to extend your device’s life with a simple battery replacement.

Number 5) Software Glitches: This can present as freezing, random shutdowns, and visual issues, or becoming unresponsive. This can be a sign of a specific technical problem or a general side of age in a Mac. Firstly, check that you have enough free disk space before jumping to conclusions. Try reinstalling macOS. If the problems persist, then check in with your Mac IT support gurus. They will perform diagnostics and be able to either fix the problems or diagnose the MacBook as old and in need of an upgrade. This is when it’s time for a new Mac laptop.

Number 6) There’s An Ideal New Model Available: If you have had your Mac for a few years, several more models will have been released. There may have even been a direct upgrade of your existing model with new and improved hardware and functionality. If the new version can increase your productivity and improve the way you work, then it is the right choice for your business. Apple has rolled out new M2 chips, and M1 Ultra chips to deliver business users unrivalled performance recently. If the hardware could make significant improvements to your work, then it is definitely time to upgrade.

Apple Leasing For Your New MacBook

By utilising Apple leasing for your Macs, you can gain access to expert Mac IT support. This will ensure that you can repair your Mac when needed and be able to accurately identify when it is the right time for a new MacBook for your business.5x MacBook Pro 14" 5x MacBook Pro 16" for £113

Additionally, some Apple leasing, like Hardsoft’s Device For Teams, actually has easy upgrades to the latest tech built into your lease, so you never need to worry about obsoletion again.

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