Trade in your old devices

Trade in your old devices

Get cash for your old computers

Our easy and faff-free trade-in service is just what you need to unlock the value of old devices in your office.

We take any device up to five years’ old, working or not, Apple or Windows, so you can trade them for cash or something newer.

Apple trade in offer

Get cash for your old Apple Devices

Apple devices hold their value, that’s why we can offer cash on your old Apple devices. If you want to upgrade, you can simply let us know your serial number and we can let you know the value of your equipment.

When it’s time for you to upgrade, don’t let your old devices hold you back and realise the value in your old Apple devices.

Intel Mac device trade-ins

Got an old Intel Mac device? Click here to see what you could get for it.

PC trade in to new PC products

Trade in your Windows devices

With amazing rates available on any PC hardware, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your IT with our trade-in options.

Get more out of your old hardware with our PC trade-in service, perfect for businesses looking to get the most out of their hardware.

Before filling out the form in the link below, make sure you have the model name of you device to hand. You can find this in Settings under About on most Windows devices.

we offer a free collection for your trade in devices

How does it work?

After clicking the buttons above, we’ll be in touch a short while later and, if the devices meet our criteria, we’ll arrange for them to be picked up free of charge.

Your old devices will be checked over and the data wiped, with your new devices then being sent out to you along with a new lease agreement.

There’s no limit on the number of devices you can trade in, just follow the above process and we’ll get your office filled with upgraded machines in no time.

All we ask is that your device meets the following conditions:

  • The device works
  • It is no older than five years
  • Minimal wear and tear (no broken screens, missing keys etc.)
  • Original accessories (e.g., power cable)

recycle old devices with devices for teams

Recycle your old Apple & Windows devices

Recycle your unwanted Apple & Windows devices – Working or not!

Check out our environmental achievements such as becoming a carbon-neutral site, and investing into carbon-offset projects around the world.

We also can collect peripherals such as chargers, keyboards and docks. We can collect your devices at any time, at any address with no cost to you.

Explore device recycling

How to upgrade with Devices for Teams?

Not only will we provide savings for your new Mac via the trade-in of your old Mac, our Devices for Teams solution will also allow you to trial your new Macs with confidence.

If you are not happy with the performance of your new M-series Mac, we will allow you to cancel your device within 30 days of delivery.

Additionally, the Devices for Teams solution will help you stay up to date with the latest Apple devices, with the opportunity to Switch, Add, or Return your devices as and when you need and we will also take care of all the pre-deployment, configuration and setup of apps and software that you require for your business.

Trade-in FAQs

Am I able to have my device collected from a different address?

Yes, we can collect your old device from any UK address.

How do I send my old device to you?

We ask you to make sure that your device is packed safely in a box, and wrapped tightly to prevent any damage during transit. We will arrange a courier to collect the item from a location to suit you for free.

How long do I have to send my old device to you?

Once you have received your new device from us, you will need to send back your old device to us within 7 days. We will discuss with you prior to this when is best for you to collect the old device for your trade-in.

I have data and sensitive information on my old device, how do I remove this?

Don’t worry, we will take care your device and wipe all of the data to HMG Infosec Standard No.5 – which is GUARANTEED!

If I lease a new Apple or Windows device and hand over an old device, what kind of discount will be applied?

The amount you get (discount or cash) all depends on the condition and the type of device that you are handing in. We can give you an instant valuation and how much that will be deducted from your lease with us.

How old can my old device be for this offer?

We will usually accept devices which are no older than five years. But please get in touch using the form above for a definite answer.

Which devices am I allowed to send in for cash?

Any MacBook, iMac, iPad, or iPhone are eligible for this offer. Please contact us on any Windows devices you may have.

Does my old device have to work to qualify for this offer?

No it does not, but please be honest about its condition.

FAQs on Recycling old devices

Can I get a Waste Certificate?

Yes, please request this upon application.

Can you use these as a Part-Exchange?

No, as this will be a payment coming directly to you from our partner Opia.

Do I need to be an existing customer?

No, we can accept new and existing customers on our Devices for Teams solution.

Do I need to remove my data and sensitive information?

We do ask that you remove your data and any other sensitive information from your device before handing it over. However, we do a data wipe upon receipt of your equipment.

How do I get my payment for my unwanted devices?

Payment comes through into your bank from ‘Opia Ltd’ and takes approximately 6-8 weeks to go through after collection.

I think my computers are worth more as a Trade-in – can you help?

Yes, send us some more details on the devices that you have and we will work out how much your devices are worth through Mac2Cash.

Is there a maximum age of computer Device that HardSoft can recycle?

Yes, this is 5 years.

Is there a maximum number of units that HardSoft will accept to recycle?

No, we can take as many as you need us to. However, the maximum payment is £1000 i.e. 10 x laptops. So we cannot accept and recycle as many units as you have need to dispose of but there is a maximum we can pay out on.

We do not have any packaging – can you help?

Yes, we can. We can send over some materials t shop your computers safely back to us. Just let us know when contacting us.

Case Studies from our customers

LloydsDirect by Lloyds Pharmacy

“Devices for Teams felt right because we didn’t know exactly what we needed. We have 25 people now, but we’ll have 40 people in time – and we might want to change devices. We wanted something very flexible.”

Lab Agency

“To react to market changes and customer requirements, we spin teams up and down again rapidly. Devices for Teams gives us access to the equipment we need, then and there.”

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