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Free training on your new devices

We'll train staff and parents on all the new devices in your school.

Being able to use technology to its fullest is crucial for the success of ICT implementation in schools. 

Our support team have decades of experience with helping others get the most out of their tech, and they’ll be on hand to help your staff do the same. 

Our Devices for Education Teams solution includes free training on all your devices.

Education teacher training

Improved learning

Student learning becomes much more effective when staff have the confidence to use their devices to their fullest.

Streamlined admin

From marking work to planning lessons, you can get the admin out the way sooner so you can concentrate on teaching.

Powerful data

Analyse data to help your students and parents understand progress and to inform on next steps to take.

Contribute to CPD

Training up on the latest hardware and software contributes to staff continued professional development.

Customise your training

Devices for Teams offers two different training programmes, dependent on the quantity of devices in your fleet.

The first is reactive training with a trusted partner of Devices for Teams: TA Education. This is free for schools leasing 300 or more devices, and includes remote or on-site training for staff, as well as access to online training videos.

The second is in-house, proactive training by Devices for Teams, and is free for all schools, for any number of devices. We’ll adapt training programs to provide the best value for money, with options including after-school sessions, one-to-one training, or even co-delivering training with students and staff.

Training videos
Less than 300 devices
Strategy and planning

Reactive training with TA

For school’s leasing 300+ devices, we offer free advanced 1:1 training with one of our partners, TA Education.

TA is a leading training provider, supporting over 50,000 educators and end-users annually. Their experienced consultants are former teachers who focus on how technology can be used to improve outcomes, reduce workload, and increase productivity. 

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How does reactive training work?

1. Evaluation

Employees fill out an online self-assessment form, and the collected data is showcased via an interactive data dashboard. 

2. Vision and Strategy

The data is used to develop a professional growth strategy, targeting areas where training is most needed or beneficial.

3. Training

Throughout the execution of your strategy, TA consultants remain involved to ensure that the project stays on course.

Proactive training with Devices for Teams

If you’re leasing less than 300 devices, not to worry; your staff will still receive free training with Devices for Teams!

With 40 years’ experience in IT leasing, our experts are more than qualified to train your staff and support them with any queries about using their devices. Our trainers can discuss the best use and details or your devices and help to ensure that ICT becomes an integral part of your school’s learning process, not just a substitute for existing methods.

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Proactive training explained

Devices for Teams offers different training options to suit you. You can opt for a trainer to address your staff meeting, to come in on an inset day for three 90-minute training sessions, or for one of our trainers to come and discuss optimal device usage with your ICT coordinator.

We’ll address any queries you have and show staff how best to use devices for maximum impact on their teaching.

teacher training on laptop
be tech savvy for your students

Tech savvy teaching staff will empower your students

Teachers and students alike will be rewarded with many benefits once all training is completed. Here are just some:

  • Increased student engagement
  • Access a wider range of learning resources
  • Real-time assessment feedback
  • More efficient classroom management
  • Personlised learning
  • Increased accessibility and inclusivity
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