Dell Latitude Rugged

Dell Latitude Rugged

When the going gets tough, your laptop keeps going

Deploy Dell Latitude Rugged laptops into your business for military-grade standards, ensuring durability against drops, shocks, spills, and extreme temperatures. They’re trusted by military, hospitals, construction, firefighting and more for reliable and secure work.

Latitude Rugged are cost-effective and user-friendly machines which can be preconfigured to your exact specifications and deployed at scale into the harshest working environments.

Dell rugged laptops on a concrete floor. one has a yellow case

Why go rugged?

Dell Latitude Rugged offers superior durability, reliability, portability and security. They are built for the harshest working environments where your run-of-the-mill laptop wouldn’t stand a chance.

You may often find yourself in an area where limited access to mains power or WiFi connectivity is commonplace. Dell Rugged laptops come with swappable batteries with up to 25-hour runtime, and are also 5G capable for faster data-transmission rates, no matter where you find yourself.

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An overview of Dell Rugged

24/7 Power

Up to 25-hour battery runtime. Swap two batteries without shutting down and rebooting. Charge up to 35% in just 15 minutes.


Gloved-touch capability with up to 1100-nits of brightness for direct-sunlight viewing.

Built solid

Temperature-tested from –28°C to 62°C, drop-tested from 90cm and IP-53 rated.


Choose your Processor, Memory, Screen, Connectivity, and more. Whatever you need from your rugged, make it yours.

Runs off-grid

Optional 4G and 5G mobile-broadband connectivity for low-latency connectivity in even the most remote environments.

Any app

No app is too demanding with ISV-certified NVIDIA T500 class discrete graphics.

Ready to dock

Dock, connect, and share with any device using Thunderbolt 4’s USB-C port. Enjoy dual 4K display support and 40Gb/sec data-transfer speeds.

Always secure

Secure workflows with advanced authentication options, including TPM 2.0 ControlVault and Contacted/Contactless Smartcard readers, and touch fingerprint readers.

Choose your Dell Rugged

Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet

Get work done from any location with the fast and efficient Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet.

This 12″ fully-rugged tablet is the lightest and most powerful in its class, featuring a large screen-area and a 1200-nit direct-sunlight viewable screen that is gloved multi-touch capable.

With optional dual hot-swappable batteries, it can handle any condition and provide all-day productivity.

Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme Laptop

Get work done in tough environments with the Latitude 7330 Rugged Extreme Laptop.

This fully-rugged 13″ laptop is the smallest 5G-capable option available, equipped with 11th-Gen Intel Core Processors. It has an IP-65 rating and is tested to MIL-STD810H specs, ensuring it can withstand extreme environments.

The FHD touchscreen option is glove-capable and has a brightness of 1400-nit, making it viewable even in bright sunlight. With optional dual hot-swappable batteries providing up to 25-hour battery runtime, you can stay productive all day.

Latitude 5430 Rugged Laptop

Get ready to work from anywhere with the Latitude 5430 Rugged Laptop – the ultimate 5G-capable 14″ semi-rugged laptop that is both the lightest and most powerful in its class.

With its IP-53 rating and MIL-STD-810H specs, this laptop can withstand even the harshest conditions with ease. Plus, the glove-capable 1100-nit FHD touchscreen allows you to work effortlessly even in direct sunlight. With the optional dual hot-swappable batteries providing up to 25-hour battery runtime, you can stay productive all day long.

Explore the Latitude Rugged 7220 in 3D!

a dell rugged laptop in the freezing icy snow

What is MIL-STD?

Ultimate testing for extreme conditions

Besides being short for Military Standard, MIL-STD is a set of specifications and guidelines established by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) that define the requirements for various aspects of military equipment and systems.

These standards cover a wide range of areas such as design, development, testing, and maintenance, and are used to ensure that military equipment and systems meet specific performance, reliability, and safety criteria.

When it comes to Dell Latitude Rugged, all the above features are embedded into the heart of each device to provide a more durable, more secure, and more capable counterpart to non-MIL-STD machines.

Tested for any environment



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From endurance to preservation

Help reduce your impact on the environment with Dell and Devices for Teams

The Dell Rugged Laptops and Tablets are environmentally friendly products with EPEAT Silver and ENERGY STAR certifications (on select configurations). These certifications ensure compliance with environmental standards for electronics.

Dell Technologies is committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and they are transitioning towards products and packaging made from recycled or renewable resources. We ship all of our devices in 100% recyclable packaging and can Carbon Offset their emissions for just 3% extra.

Dell Rugged Laptops and Tablets help our customers seek environmentally responsible technology solutions. By choosing these products, our customers can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying reliable and high-performance technology.

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